Fire Alarm Staffing

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Fire Alarm Systems Technicians
Fire Alarm Technicians should be experienced troubleshooting, servicing and/or programming fire alarm systems in commercial buildings.
Crews of Wire Installers
Wire Installers should have 2+ years of commercial wiring experience and be able to meet the physical demands of installing wires through a building infrastructure.
Fire Alarm Installers will have the skills to terminate fire alarm system devices to pre-installed wiring within a commercial building.
Service technicians
Fire Alarm Service Technicians should have 3+ years of experience troubleshooting, servicing and/or programming commercial fire alarm systems.
Fire Alarm Foremen should have experience servicing fire alarm systems and leading small crews of fire alarm installers and technicians on the job.
Fire Alarm Testers should have strong technical savvy and be able to verify the proper function of fire/life safety systems.
Fire Alarm Inspectors should have a foundational knowledge of state and federal fire alarm codes.
Sprinkler pipefitters (wet and dry)
Fire Sprinkler Pipefitters should have 3+ years of experience installing pipe for either wet or dry sprinkler systems in a commercial building.
Outsource supports the Fire / Life Safety Industry by supplying Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, and Suppression talent to Fire Alarm contractors and systems integrators throughout the United States.

We support our clients by rapidly and accurately delivering installers, technicians, inspectors, project managers and engineers on a contractual basis. Any of our technical talent can be utilized on a contract (temp), contract-to-hire or permanent placement basis. We currently work with every national Fire Alarm contractor in the country.

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