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A message from John Lowell (CEO)

I am committed to running an organization that pays you fairly and on time. If for some reason you feel that you cannot get an issue resolved in regard to your paycheck, you are welcome to contact me directly via email or my direct dial number at 310-953-3035. I just ask one favor before you contact me. Please use your ability to contact me directly as leverage to get the desired result from your Outsource rep. For instance, many technicians will threaten to call the labor board over an issue. While this is often very effective, I encourage you to tell your Outsource rep that if you don’t get the attention you need regarding a payroll issue, you will be contacting John Lowell the CEO (me).

Also, if you do call me concerning a missing or lost check, be prepared to be sold very hard on using a Global Cash Card going forward. If you don’t have a cash card and you need money now, we can get you cash in less than an hour during normal business hours.

On another note, thank you for your hard work and dedication to Outsource. Our goal is to be the most specialized provider of talent to the wiring industry. We feel that a deep commitment to our niche will result in more work for us all.

John Lowell