Holly Andrews

Full Desk Recruiter

415-513-4187 x12400

701 Gateway Blvd.
Suite 410
South San Francisco, CA 94080

About Holly
Holly Andrews has been with Outsource since February 2010. She started as a Recruiter and worked her way into her current role as an Account Manager. She graduated from Sacramento State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Human Resources concentration. She has been successful with taking care of Outsource employees and clients at the highest level possible and brings a “get it done” attitude to the company.
If you could only eat three foods a day, what would they be?
Tacos, cake and ice cream.
Favorite things to do away from the office?
Shop, cook and spend time with my daughter and husband.
What is your favorite holiday and why?
Christmas because it is so amazing to re-live it through the eyes of my daughter.
Favorite High School Subject?
Math. I had the most amazing teacher for three years.
Most hated Chore that you’re responsible for at home?
Putting laundry away-I can’t stand it!