michael-mckeaigeMichael Mckeaige is a Business Development Manager in Atlanta who has helped grow the electrical side of the company’s business and establish Outsource as one of the top players in the Atlanta market. “Over the past year, our team in Atlanta has been able to really gel because we’ve established a clear set of goals: put our people to work and do our absolute best for our clients,” he says. “Having a clear objective helps drive our team and fuels collaboration between departments here in Atlanta.”

He’s quick to credit his support team, which includes Bobby Blair, who consistently ranks as one of Outsource’s top Recruiters in the country. “Bobby’s absolutely phenomenal and we’re able to execute at a high level because we’re working towards the same goal,” Michael says. “Clients know that we’ll deliver to the best of our abilities. I always answer my phone and do what I say I will. Our clients and our field personnel have come to expect this when they work with Outsource. It’s as simple as that.”

Providing excellent customer service to clients and putting reliable, qualified workers in the field has been a key to Outsource’s success. But sometimes it’s also about going the extra mile for your people. When a customer in Statesboro, Georgia, a small town 227 miles southeast of Atlanta, called saying he needed four people for a job, Michael jumped right on it. Unfortunately, none of the men had a way of getting down to Statesboro.

Not a problem. Michael loaded the four men in his car and personally drove them three hours to Statesboro so he could fill the job, get his guys work, and fulfill a promise to his client. “They don’t get this from anybody else,” Michael says.

At Outsource, it’s about going the extra mile. And sometimes it’s about going the extra 227 miles.