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Time Card Drawing: WE 9/21
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    Here are the second week’s list of winners from the drawing.  Thanks to all of you who are getting your time cards submitted correct & on-time.  It real does help everyone out.  Again, all these employees will receive an extra $50 on their next paycheck:

    Wesley Wines
    Christian Marroquin
    Hal Gray
    Julio Iraheta
    Carlos Perez
    Markus Daniels
    Tyrell Elcock
    Frank Tracy
    Lodeguer Corpus
    Michael Peterson
    Jennifer Delacruz
    Charles Wrisley
    Josh Gonzales
    Teri Treme
    Kenneth Blocher
    Ty Boyt
    Kendrell Simmons
    Ray Young
    Efrain valencia
    Ryan Wadford
    Jason Forbes
    Jerry Sandefur
    Anthony Tanksley
    Anthony Magallon
    Kevin Low
    Michael Buffal
    Enrique Ramirez
    Jason Shimabukuro
    Joe Soto
    James Cebula
    Raul Gonzalez IES
    Somboun Thakhamho
    Michael Buffaloe
    Brandon Robbs
    Duane Jay Harshman 
    Louis Myles
    Ronald Taylor
    Steven Stubblefield
    Zachary Wilson
    John Evert
    Leobardo Anaya
    Shelton Powell
    Bryan Bonilla
    Marion Cunningham
    Sam Jama
    Romeo Dugam
    Jesus B Dela Cruz Jr
    Tyron Scriver
    Alan Barclay
    Franklin Collins


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