blaine-monteauIn recognition of his recent promotion to Regional Manager for East Coast, we’re pleased to present Ben Weimer as Outsource’s featured profile of the month. Originally from Denver, Ben attended the University of Northern Colorado and pursuing an opportunity in real estate management after graduating. Ben was considering getting his real estate brokerage license when Sam Jarvis, a family friend, contacted him about looking at Outsource as a possible career move.

Ben took Sam up on the offer and joined the Denver office as a Recruiter. Ben admits, “I probably wasn’t the best Recruiter the company has ever seen because I really wasn’t aggressive enough starting out.”

But after learning the ropes with some guidance from his managers, Ben hit his stride and was soon promoted to a position as an Inside Sales Representative. Here, he teamed up with Chris Hutson. Ben set the meetings and Chris hit the road to meet, and size up potential clients in the area. Ben says, “We made the cold calls, but decided to take it a step further to evaluate the market and potential clients. Chris has excellent sales skills so the two of us made a great duo.”

Ben was soon promoted to Inside Sales Manager and was asked to come to the corporate office in Los Angeles to train several Inside Sales Reps and teach them how he and the Denver team grew their office. Ben says, “One of the great benefits about working at Outsource is that you can create your own opportunities. I called the Executives and suggest a new approach to evaluating customers. The company liked my ideas and let me put my own flavor on things.”

Today, Ben oversees the Tampa, Washington, D.C., New York, and Atlanta offices. He says, “We experienced a lot of growth last year so we’re really focused on fulfillment, which means hiring a lot of Recruiters. But my job still involves a lot of training, mentoring, and coaching.”

As far as advice to people starting at Outsource, Ben suggests, “do the small things well on a consistent basis, even if it feels monotonous. It’s like baseball—it’s typically the team who makes the fewest errors that ends up winning. Make your 50 phone calls, get to work on time, and stick to your process.” He adds, “The people who work at Outsource are competitive, but it’s team-driven, with everyone working for the good of the company. That being said, we’re a fun-loving group, that’s for sure. People are outgoing, smart, and friendly. It’s a great company to be a part of.”

When Ben isn’t overseeing the East coast offices, he likes being outdoors to snowboard, hike, mountain bike, and having his dog pull him around Denver’s Washington Park on Ben’s longboard.