Please do not try to fill out the forms out on your phone or tablet, for one reason or another DocuSign has issues on mobile devices. In order for you not to have to do the forms multiple times, you should fill them out using a computer.

DocuSign doesn’t always work in Internet Explorer, so please use a browser like Google Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari, etc.

If you have any issues please call the DocuSign support line at 866-219-4318.


1) Please use your Full Legal Name where your name is asked.

2) Do not use any symbols (dashes or slashes) when entering your phone and social security numbers. The use of symbols will result in an error message saying the number is invalid.

3) The session times out after 30 minutes. Please allocate 30 minutes to complete the document or choose the finish later option before hitting the 30 minute mark. I would hate for you to have to start over!

4) As you’re filling out the packet, you will notice a vertical column of icons on the right-hand side. These icons represent the pages you need to fill out. Please note:

a. If the icon is GREY, then the page has not been completed
b. If the icon is GREEN, then the page was completed correctly
c. If the icon is YELLOW, then there is at least one missing item on that page

5) Once you have completed everything successfully, you will have the option to “Confirm Signing”. If you have not filled everything out, it will not allow you to submit. This will automatically get sent to me as a PDF, so you don’t have to attach it to an email. You are welcome to save a copy for your own records.