Why  Outsource?
Slide background Sam Jarvis (3rd from left) being recognized for 5 years service. Sam started as a recruiter and has
grown with Outsource into his current role of VP of Operations.
Slide background This recent Foundation training class shows our new team members along with all their trainers.
We fly new hires to Los Angeles for a week of training, and we also bring in seasoned employees
from across the country to show the new employees the ropes.
Slide background Recruiters and Technicians celebrating Thanksgiving 2014 at Outsource Corporate Office in
Los Angeles, CA.
Slide background Sales Training with John Lowell, Steve Ebenhack and Sam Jarvis.
Slide background Caroline Robinson and Johnny Barnard attending a baseball game in Dallas, TX.
Slide background Cancun Rewards Trip in Mexico was Epic. Outsource having a special last day dinner on the
Slide background San Francisco branch enjoying an evening out of the town.
Slide background Los Angeles Office enjoying a pot luck on a beautiful, sunny day. Sam Jarvis on the grill.
Slide background Marissa Kleist and Michael Lippert were 2 of many Outsource employees that donated their time
to Habitat for Humanity.
Slide background We recognize our top performers by sending them on an all-expenses-paid trip to Cancun.
Slide background
Modern furnishings, natural light and local art are all hallmarks of Outsource branch offices.
Slide background
Drew, Jessica, Jordan and Lyza celebrating Christmas with the rest of Outsource in our
CEO's (John Lowell) awesome house.
Slide background We're constantly having a blast at work with events like this one, Ugly Sweater Contest. We had
some great entries.
Slide background We have a super perks program that gives Outsource employees access to great discounts on
local sporting events, entertainment, services, shopping and food & drink.


Drew Mahoney
Employee Experience Specialist
(310) 765-4604

Internal Job Openings
South San Francisco Direct Hire
Nov, 18
New York Direct Hire
Nov, 18
Recruiter - Denver Outsource
Denver Direct Hire
Nov, 18
Payroll Specialist Outsource
Phoenix Direct Hire
Nov, 14
Staff Accountant Outsource
El Segundo Direct Hire
Nov, 08
El Segundo Direct Hire
Nov, 08
El Segundo Direct Hire
Nov, 08
Phoenix Direct Hire
Nov, 03
Atlanta Direct Hire
Nov, 03