IMG_1714[6]As we noted in the recent Rewards Trip article, Cancun proved not only to be the perfect backdrop for a company gathering, but it also served as the ideal setting for Outsource Business Development Manager Michael Lippert to propose to his fiancée, Beth Worthington.

Michael has been with the company for four years and this was the couple’s third Rewards Trip to Cancun. Michael initially started at the Denver office as a Recruiter when Outsource offered him the opportunity to start an office in Seattle and establish a footprint in the Northwest. At the time, he and Beth had only been dating six months, but decided to make the move to Seattle together when Beth, who works in the Senior Care industry, also made arrangements with her company to transfer. The couple has lived in Seattle ever since.

IMG_1762[5]The Romance Concierge at the Royal Playa del Carmen planned a private dinner on the beach for Michael and Beth and helped coordinate the moment of proposal. Earlier that day, when Michael was making final arrangements with the Romance Concierge, he unexpectedly ran into Outsource CEO John Lowell and John’s wife, Cathy, who insisted on taking a picture of Michael who said, “This will be hilarious if you guys ever get married.”

“It was hard to keep cool,” Michael said. “I just kind of laughed and posed for the picture in my tank top and bathing suit. They had no idea I had the engagement ring in my pocket.”

In fact, the only person who knew about the pending proposal was Michael’s long-time friend and fellow Outsource team member Nick Lovell. “I’ve known Nick since we were young and he has a great camera, so I asked if he would hide on the restaurant balcony and take pictures of the moment I proposed to Beth.”

IMG_1762[5]The next day, Michael and Beth broke the news to John and Cathy, who announced the couple’s engagement later that evening at the company dinner. During the toast, John joked that he was an ordained minister and suggested that the couple should go ahead and tie the knot in Cancun, saying, “Michael, you’re a closer. Let’s meet down on the beach in 10 minutes and seal this deal.”

Congratulations to Michael and Beth on their recent engagement and here’s to a prosperous and happy life together!!