John Lowell - Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Why I’m Here: I started Outsource about fifteen years ago with the dream of creating a business that could serve as a vessel through which we all realize our life aspirations… and have lots of fun while we do it. I pride myself and the company on being incredibly creative with our strategic approach to the market-place. I have always been fascinated with the concept of scaling up small simple business models and my passion is Progress. I feel that we experience that daily at Outsource.

About five years ago, we figured out exactly who we are and what we do best. Since then, we have grown average of 35% a year, which is more progress than I could have imagined at the time. I have been incredibly fortunate to work with the most talented and committed individuals in the industry. Together, we have created something truly unique and remarkable at Outsource.

About Me:I grew up in Savannah GA and graduated from The University of Georgia with a Journalism Degree in 1992. My mother made me take a job in sales after two years of absolute failure pursuing more creative endeavors. I quickly realized that sales is my real passion which led me to Aerotek in Los Angeles. I left there in 1998 after being passed over for about twenty-seven promotions. I started Outsource with a good friend in Hermosa Beach. I am married to my beautiful wife Cathy and we have two boys named Jake and Luke. My passion is creativity and progress. I feel that we experience both of these daily at Outsource.
Steve Ebenhack - President

Why I’m Here: People often ask me what I like so much about the company and what it is that keeps me engaged day after day. I always tell them the same thing: This organization has always given me the opportunity to stand out and create noticeable results. There is nothing more fulfilling or more inspiring. I’ve been a recruiter, an account manager, a regional manager, and the manager of all national accounts. Now I am the President for the entire organization.

About Me: I have worked at Outsource for sixteen years. It was my first real job out of college, and it’s now my lifelong career of choice. When I’m not in the office, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our children.
Amy Hawkes - CFO

Why I’m Here: After a career working as an auditor and forensic accountant, as well at the SEC, it’s very refreshing to be able to focus on growing a company. Now I
spend my time thinking ahead and concentrating on how to accomplish our goals. Outsource is a nimble company led by a team that is dedicated, focused, and driven. There is an amazing energy here and every day is challenging and at the same time extremely rewarding.

About Me: I’m originally from Upstate New York and have lived in Southern California for the past 19 years. I like to spend my free time being outdoors, going to the beach, walking and being active. Family is very important, so I still like to get back home as often as I can. I am a CPA, earned a J.D. from Syracuse University, spent nearly 20 years in the Big 4 and spent three years at the Securities and Exchange Commission. I started as a consultant at Outsource in April of 2015 before joining the company as the CFO in July.

Shawn Dale - VP of Sales

Why I’m Here: I chose Outsource for the limitless opportunity. I opened up the Bay Area office twelve years ago, and it’s the people who work within the company and the clients with whom I’ve built relationships that keep me coming back day after day. There’s nothing more satisfying than reporting back to the team with the never-ending success stories of how Outsource has been able to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

About Me: Originally from outside of Philadelphia, I am an undeniable family man. When I’m not busy with my wife and two kids, I love the outdoors: skiing, fishing, and backpacking– I really enjoy California and all it has to offer. And I’m delighted to be working for a great company and with a talented group of people.
Sam Jarvis - Chief Operating Officer

Why I’m Here: When I first walked into our corporate office in 2008, I had no idea what a career in the structured cabling industry entailed – I barely knew the industry existed. But what I saw that day is what ultimately keeps me here today: opportunity. Outsource wasn’t just offering a career; this was an opportunity to play an integral role in building something special. When it comes right down to it, we put people to work, which is a deeply gratifying way to spend your day. And we do it really well. As specialists, we match a specific skill set to a client need faster and more effectively than anyone else in the industry, in my opinion. Ultimately, I’m here because I believe in our mission, I understand how I contribute to our success and I love what I do.
About Me: I joined Outsource in 2008, beginning as a recruiter in Los Angeles before making the move back to my home state of Colorado to open the company’s Denver branch. After successfully launching our operations there, my role expanded to include overseeing our West Coast operations. In 2014, I became Vice President of Operations for the company, providing strategic direction and operational guidance to all of Outsource’s branches across the country. A proud graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, I currently live in Los Angeles with my wife, son, and enormous English Mastiff.
Jessica Ruiz - Regional Manager – Southwest

Why I’m Here: I was referred to Outsource through a friend, but quickly learned for myself how passionate, energetic and driven everyone here was about our business and growth. Outsource promotes limitless opportunity and possibilities from day one. I started as a recruiter in 2012 and now oversee our LA and PHX Branches. Every day is different, exciting and challenging all at once, and I’m proud to be a part of such a dynamic team and environment.
About Me: Born and raised SoCal! Fair to assume you can find me at the beach, eating anything with avocados and always on the move. After graduating from UCLA (Go Bruins!), I joined our LA Outsource Team and started my career with this lively group of people. Through recruiting, sales and now management, Outsource has always given me the runway to launch my career while constantly pushing me beyond what I thought I was capable of each step of the way.

Smita Abraham - Regional Manager

Why I’m Here: From the beginning I could see that Outsource was a special company—it is dynamic and always evolving. I’ve always wanted to be somewhere where my work mattered and I could make an impact. I am lucky to have both here. No two days at Outsource are the same and I find myself thriving in an environment that is fast-paced and exciting. The best part about Outsource is the people. I’ve never met individuals who are more committed to achieving success—and having fun while doing it.

About Me:I grew up in Michigan (Go Red Wings!) and went to school at Grand Valley State where I studied Occupational Health and Safety. After graduation, I moved to Chicago to experience life in the big city. There Outsource took a chance on me and I started as a Recruiter in 2012 and I haven’t looked back since. Outsource has given me an unique opportunity to build my career while challenging me to adapt, grow, and succeed. Recently, I was given the chance to take on the role of Regional Manager for the East Coast and relocated to DC. In my spare time, I like to spend time exploring my new city with my fiancé and puppy.

Jennifer Warriach - Recruitment Operations Manager

Why I’m Here: Outsource keeps you sharp and on your toes. The environment here is fast-paced and there are new challenges every day. I also really like the people I work with–not only my colleagues inside the company, but the candidates that we staff are also fantastic. At the end of the day, I feel very fortunate to be able to team up with other people who are driven, dedicated, and hard working.

About Me:I’m originally from Dallas and studied Psychology at Texas Tech. I always wanted to be a Recruiter because I thought it would be a great way to enter the workforce while I figured out what career I wanted to pursue–not only would I be putting people to work, but I would also know what companies look for when they hire. Ultimately, this led me to Outsource and I love what I do. In my spare time, I like to travel and go see live music when I can. Food is a passion of mine so I like to explore the great restaurant scene in Dallas—La Duni for Latin American cuisine, Tei Tei Robata for sushi, and discovering the excellent Tex-Mex, Indian, Greek, and Middle Eastern cuisine the city has to offer.

Lorraine Sepulveda - Payroll Manager

Why I’m Here: I was referred by a friend to do filing for about a month and today, almost 5 years later, I am the Payroll Manager of the entire organization. Outsource has presented opportunity after opportunity for me to grow, not only in this company but professionally as well. I have the privilege to work under great management and amazing employees every single day. The positive energy and atmosphere in all Outsource offices is something that is very hard to find nowadays. Outsource is my second home (and second family), I look forward to spending many more years with this amazing organization.

About Me: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I come from a enormous Mexican American family, where being loud is the only way to be heard. When I’m not at work, making sure everyone is paid on time and correctly, I enjoy spending time with my friends and basking in the beautiful California weather. I am upbeat, always smiling and very outgoing. Outsource is a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle.

Ben Weimer - Sales Operations Manager

Why I’m Here: Opportunity. This company truly cultivates an atmosphere that promotes creativity and hard work. I have never doubted that my hard work would pay off here at Outsource. This is what keeps me enthusiastically coming into work every day. More importantly, I share this enthusiasm and passion with many of the employees here at Outsource. We are a lively, good-humored and fun-loving collection of colleagues and friends. I love it!
About Me: I am a Colorado native who thoroughly appreciates family and friends. I am adventurous and enjoy climbing, biking, skiing and playing sports. Before Outsource, I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Business Degree and pursued real estate. I was introduced to Outsource by a good friend and started as a Recruiter in 2012, before transitioning into Sales. My current role with Outsource aligns well with my entrepreneurial spirit and passion for sales. I am driven to grow with Outsource and am excited for the future.
Jake Durkee - National Sales Manager

Why I’m Here: I was referred by a friend of mine who was hired in the Phoenix office. Originally, I had interviewed to be a Recruiter. Upon learning about my previous experience in Inside Sales, I was approached about an opportunity to be the first dedicated Inside Sales Representative in the company. Today, four and a half years later, I am the National Sales Manager. Outsource has truly given me the opportunity not only to grow as a professional within the company, but also personally within life itself. My passion is building relationships and developing business, and this is something I get to do every day I come to work. I have watched this company grow exponentially year after year, and every week is exciting because we are growing so quickly. With growth brings challenges and obstacles, but most of all excitement. I am blessed to be able work with such a talented group of individuals who all share the same passion.

About Me: I’m originally a Phoenix native, I moved to Los Angeles eight years ago to pursue a career in film production. After a few years of working in the industry, I realized it wasn’t my true passion. I was then given the opportunity at Outsource, and haven’t looked back since. When I’m not at the office, I like to spend my time outdoors, playing golf, going to live music, hanging with my dog and girlfriend, and following professional sports.