Cory Garza


956-207-8848 x20403

7155 Old Katy Rd,
Suite N250
Houston, TX 77024

About Cory
Robert Cory Garza is the latest addition to the Houston team. He graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Minor in Business Administration. Beaming with confidence, Mr. Garza brings excellent communication and task management skills to the table. He cannot wait to start making a difference within the Houston team, who have gladly accepted him as a member of their team.
If you could go on a road trip with anyone (dead or alive) anywhere, who would you choose and where would you go?
Leonidus king of Sparta, truly a different way of thinking, I would love to take him to Las Vegas to go see some UFC fights, and by “see” I mean participate.
If you could only eat three foods a day, what would they be?
Pizza (no such thing as bad pizza), Sweet Potato fries, Blackened shrimp.
Favorite things to do away from the office?
I love playing tennis, I try to play a couple times a week. I love binge watching popular television shows on Netflix. And mostly just hanging out and lounging around with my friends.
What is your favorite holiday and why?
The new year holiday, I love any holiday that allows me to start off with a clean slate while lighting gunpowder at 12 in the morning.
Favorite High School Subject?
In high school I was a history buff, I was always fascinated by people who could have such an impact on the world hundreds and hundreds of years after their death. .
Most hated Chore that you’re responsible for at home?
Folding Laundry, which is even weirder since I do not mind Ironing. But yes! I’ll just put it off and off and off, to the point that one time I forgot they were clean and washed all my laundry over again.