Carlie Erdmann

Sales and Account Management

425-358-2664 x11301

200 West Thomas St.
Suite 425
Seattle, WA 98119

About Carlie
Carlie Stone is a an Account Manager in Seattle. She formerly co-owned an Organic Caf? in the San Diego area of California. Daily she brings her sharp business sense and refined people skills to the office in an effort to facilitate the continued growth of Outsource.

If you could go on a road trip with anyone (dead or alive) anywhere, who would you choose and where would you go?
If I could go on a road trip with anyone it would be my youngest sister. We would definitely rent a car and drive through Italy, Spain and France….and eat.
If you could only eat three foods a day, what would they be?
If I could only eat three foods a day they would be eggs, cheese and pasta.
Favorite things to do away from the office?
My Favorite things to do away from the office are hiking, visiting used book stores, and making dinner for my friends.
What is your favorite holiday and why?
My favorite holiday every year is New Year’s Eve. Something random and exciting always happens, I’m with good friends and everyone is always excited about the year to come.
Favorite High School Subject?
My favorite subject in high school was definitely Literature, with History as a close second.
Most hated Chore that you’re responsible for at home?
I hate taking out the trash.