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Nick Rodriguez – Technical Trainer

Nick Rodriguez Technical Trainer

Nick Rodriguez is a Technical Trainer who is responsible for overseeing the training of our telecommunications technicians in Los Angeles. He started with Outsource in July 2011 as a Field Technician. “I was looking for steady work and my cousin was training people for jobs in the industry,” Nick recalls. “I signed up for one of the courses he was teaching, put in the work, and earned my qualifications. My first job in telecommunications was on Phase 1 of the Los Angeles Metro Blue Line that runs between USC and Culver City.”

During his career with Outsource, Nick has earned many positive reviews and established a great working relationship with our clients. “Be motivated, take pride in your work, keep your workplace clean, and you’ll get called back for jobs,” he says.

Nick established such a good reputation in the company that last summer, Jessica Ruiz asked if he would be interested in becoming an instructor in Outsource’s Field Employee Training Program. Nick accepted the challenge and now helps Outsource provide quality, entry-level low-voltage installers to our clients and he has trained more than 140 technicians to date.

Under Nick’s guidance, techs learn data jack termination (568A and 568B), professionalism, jobsite etiquette, and can acquire OSHA certification. Each trainee that finishes the course is outfitted with a 110/66 punch tool, snips, hard hat, safety glasses, and plain blue t-shirts, to wear while on their jobsites.
Nick Rodriguez Technical Trainer
“Outsource is the place to go if you want a career change,” he says. “You don’t need any experience to get started and once you’re done with the training course, you are ready to be put to work. It’s a great opportunity for people.”

We’re always looking for young, motivated individuals for Nick to train. If you, or someone you know wants to learn a skilled trade at no charge that can help build a successful and fulfilling career, let us know! Structured Cabling is an excellent entry point into the workforce that offers the opportunity for growth, advancement, and fulfilling work.

Thanks for all of your hard work and expertise, Nick!!

At a summary level, our trainees are given one week’s worth of training at no charge in the following three areas:

• Jack Termination (568A and 568B)
• Professionalism and Jobsite Etiquette
• Safety

All of our trainees will have terminated well over 100 voice and data jacks by the time they are released to the field. Our training center and corporate headquarters is a 4000 square foot drop ceiling facility which creates an ideal setting for pulling cable and each class involves many actual cable pulls. Each trainee that finishes the course is outfitted with a 110/66 punch tool, snips, hard hat, safety glasses, and plain blue t-shirts, to wear while on your jobsites.

Please feel free to refer anyone that you would like to get started in this industry. We have had several clients send us their sons, daughters, friends, nephews, employees etc. We have an open mind towards the training center’s purpose so please come to us with any ideas for training programs that may help your organization.

Below are goals that we have created for our training program:

To provide our clients with entry level talent that they can cultivate and develop in accordance with their culture in order to attain their desired labor mix.

Give back to the community by providing a valuable and free of charge training courses to those looking to learn a trade and start a career.

Create a career opportunity for aspiring trades workers by delivering hands on training by qualified trainers in a one week timeframe.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our training capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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